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MALENTANGLEMENTS (with Jo Charlesworth), 2015

A photography/design project through which we endeavour to move towards a theory of malentanglement – asking what an ‘incongruous entanglement’ might be. A moment when entanglement is revealed to us by the emergence of an unsettling humour in a design context?


A diminutive – but fully working – telephone, 2006-ongoing

A cross-stitch-kit hacking craftism project that now contains 50+ artworks

Instagram: #crapestry

THE LAPJUICER (with Philip Worthington), 2005

A food processor for an exotic dancer...

LOCA (with John Anthony Evans, Drew Hemment, and Mika Raento), 2004-2006

Experiments in pervasive surveillance. Reprogramming mobile phones to act as agents in our own surveillance network.


Street + sunshine = clock...


Alternative warning stickers for commercial products...


What are cigaflora?

TONER, 2004

Solar flare -> telescope -> NASA website -> laptop -> microcontroller -> car battery -> nichrome wire –> borosilicate glass tube = TONE, 2000-2007

The archive site of 3eyes projects, 1993-ongoing

Cockrock …where genitalia meets geology


Selected Crapestries exhibited at ’The Mr. X-Stitch Guide To Cross-Stitch’ in Farnham Pottery, Farnham, UK, August 2017.

Selected Crapestries exhibited at ‘All2Much’ Bristol, UK, March 2017.

Malentanglement: Function Redacting Tape' exhibited at 'Research Through Design 2017', at The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, UK. March, 2017.

Malentanglement: Function Redacting Tape' exhibited at 'The Square', in 'Prototyping 2016' at the Kortrijk Expo Centre, Kortrijk, Belgium, November 2016.

Drollerphone2 exhibited in ‘Mind is the World Knowing Itself’ at ‘The Bonington Gallery’, Nottingham, UK. February-March 2014.

Crapestries exhibited in ‘Crapestry 3’ at ‘Biblos’, Stokes Croft, Bristol, UK. August, 2013.

Crapestries exhibited in ThreeNine, Bristol. August 2012.

Crapestries exhibited in ‘Three Tragedies’ for ‘WIRAD Grade’, CSAD. June, 2012

Crapestries exhibited in ‘Smoking Dogs’ at ‘Biblos’, Stokes Croft, Bristol, UK. May-June 2012.

Crapestries exhibited in Niche, Bristol. April, 2012

Crapestries exhibited in ‘Stitching for Pleasure’, Birmingham NEC. March, 2012.

Crapestries exhibited in ‘The Stitch & Craft Show’, Kensington Olympia II, London. March, 2012.

Crapestries exhibited in ‘Crapestry 2’ at ‘Biblos’, Stokes Croft, Bristol, UK. February-March, 12.

Crapestries exhibited in ‘Crapestry’ at ‘Biblos’, Stokes Croft, Bristol, UK. November- December, 2011.

Lapjuicer exhibited in ‘Design in sex / sex in Design’ at The Museum of Sex, New York, USA. 2008. (Lapjuicer now part of the museum’s permanent collection).

LOCA exhibited as 'LOCA: Set To Discoverable’, at, International Festival of Art and Mobile Media, Brazil, 2007.

LOCA exhibited as 'LOCA: Set To Discoverable’, at ISEA 2006/ZeroOne, San Jose, California, USA, 2006. (For which the LOCA project was awarded an honorary mention at Ars Electronica 2008, a media art festival in Linz, Austria)

'LOCA exhibited as 'LOCA: 1.0', in PixelAche 2005 at Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland, 2005

Lapjuicer exhibited in 'Touch Me’, at The Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK, 2005.

'Feral London' video exhibited at 'Street Talk', Intel Research Berkeley, Berkeley, California, USA. July, 2004.

Interactive Installation for 'TIE' (Theatre in Education). The European Commission, Brussels, Belgium, 2001.

Two interactive installations for 'Welsh Week' 2001. The European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, 2001 (with Peter Appleton and Dr. Stephen Thompson).

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